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If You're Not Succeeding...
(Second Reason)

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The Answer:

The second and third biggest reasons most people don't
succeed online is: 

They don't believe they can (and this comes down to a lack of personal developement).
Study the book "The Science of Getting Rich" and don't stop reading till you've either
read it 11 times (literally) or succeeded. 

The third reason is that they lack people skills and don't know how to have
effective communication with their list. If this may be your problem, read the book
"How to Win Friends and Influence People".

This is NOT a book on manipulation. It is a book on learning people skills
and understanding how to work together.

I truly hope these answers will help you!

You may find some of these books in AE Store. 

Ok now get back with your coach about any insights you may 

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